Yoga Accessible


Yoga Accessible for the purpose of sharing the benefits of Yoga with those who do not currently have access and with the community being marginalized or excluded. Everyone, regardless of their abilities or backgrounds, have the right to equal access to the ancient teachings of Yoga, which is capable of stimulating a process of self-affirmation and awareness of the spiritual. And building a strong network of relationships and supporting a different culture, the yogic experience that is inclusive and welcoming to share Yoga with all.


Bring Yoga to communities excluded and marginalized:
1. increasing awareness of the benefits of Yoga;
2. offering information and resources on the outside.
Support the Yoga teachers:
1. organizing training courses and conferences on the topic;
2. creating relational networks and a sense of community among the teachers.
Create a relational network of global Yoga Accessible:
1. organizing the network of Ambassadors of Yoga Accessible;
2. by connecting with the various organisations that work for accessibility.
Be advocates of Yoga Accessible:
1. informing the community Yoga already existing;
2. by raising awareness on a general level and at the level of the media.