Access Videos

Access to the Videos and the Manual

The access link is sent via email once you have completed the registration for the Course.
Its use is strictly confidential and private.

Before the start of the work in direct online, you require the preliminary study as follows:
• Viewing and listening of 9 videos (tot. 4 hours), recorded in English by Jivana Heyman, with
Italian subtitles selected using the tab in the “CC” that appears in the bottom right of each
of the video;
• Reading of the digital version of the Training Manual;
• Read the following excerpts of text (any commentary dear to you):
The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali: Book 1: Sutras 1 to 16, 33 / Book 2: Sutras 1 through 9, from 29 to 55 / Book 3:
Sutra 1 to 3
The Bhagavad Gita (any commentary to you dear): Chapter 2.

NOTE: access to the materials will forfeit all right to refunds of fees in the case of withdrawal from the registration.

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